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Pokemon Minder Journal

Werederl Maroon has just found the perfect friend! Rugan is a biped Lycanroc, the night-evolution of Rockruff. Sundance, his brother, is the day-evolution, and a quadruped. Rugan is a Midnight Form Lycanroc, and the property of one of the scientists on the island. I've been recommended to be caretaker for both boys while the science types are at a convention.
The quadruped wolf is known as a Midday Form, and Sundance is a perfect example. I know them more simply as 'werewolf' and 'wolf' or just Rugan and Sundance. Both are Rock Types and have quartz-enhanced re-enforcement in their manes and claws.
Unlike say Eevee (ahem!) becoming Umbreon (ahem!) at night or Espeon (ahem!) in the day, if you have a Rockruff anywhere other than Alola it won't evolve, apparently.
The strangest part is that it's not entirely a solar or lunar thing. Rockruff's evolution seems to depend on whether it gets a dose of light reflected from Solgaleo the sun-lion Legendary over time, or Lunala the moon-bat Legendary. These particular legendary Pokemon are exclusive to Alola. Once Rockruff gets enough exposure to either, it tends to get irritable and unruly, which means evolution is close!
It may interest Fuzzy Excadrill (Weirda's fluffy boy) to know that the wolves are known as 'Northern' and 'Southern' forms by Polsk Region visitors. (It may also amuse him to know that in spite of the fact Rugan loves to goad potential opponents into battle the way Werederl Maroon does, he would stand little chance against Fuzzy or Kody... and possibly Roon would give him a good run for his money as well. Rock is weak to Ground and Steel Types. And come to that, Water Types as well)
Rugan loves to scrap. Fortunately he also loves tummy rubs and salmon... like that certain Ground/Dark-Type-someone I know!

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